Individual online Polish language course – 20 hours


Do you feel lost in a crowd when you don’t understand the conversations around you? Do you struggle to communicate with Polish-speaking friends, family, or colleagues? If you answered yes, it means that you are dealing with a lack of fluency in the Polish language.

Don’t worry! The Individual Polish Language Course, in a 20-hour package, includes professional lessons conducted by experienced teachers who specialize in teaching Polish as a foreign language. This comprehensive approach will allow you to achieve full fluency in speaking, writing, and understanding the Polish language.

You don’t have to worry about the course being rigid or not properly tailored to your skills. Our classes are individual, adjusted to your needs and learning pace. The classes take place online, so you can learn from anywhere and at any time, adjusting your studying to your schedule.

Additionally, by taking advantage of the Individual Polish Language Course, you have the opportunity to use additional educational materials and homework assignments that will help you consolidate your acquired skills and make quick progress in learning.

Don’t waste any more time! Overcome language barriers and unlock new possibilities. Investing in your language development is invaluable. Take advantage of our 20-hour package for an attractive price of 1900 PLN and start your Polish language adventure today!

Before purchasing, please read the COURSE TERMS AND CONDITIONS