Course conditions

1. The school assumes that the aforementioned level of language proficiency will be achieved. During the course, it may turn out that the achieved level is lower or higher depending on the Student’s commitment to learning, pace of work, and ability to learn foreign languages.

2. If the Student needs to cancel or reschedule an individual lesson, they must do so by 5:30 PM the day before the lesson. Only in this case will the lesson not be considered completed. In the case of group classes, absence from the lesson results in its loss.

3. Classes do not take place on public holidays and days off according to the school calendar and the MEN regulation. In the event of class cancellations due to the fault of the school, the missing units will be made up at a mutually agreed upon time or the number of hours in a given month will be reduced, thereby extending the course accordingly.

4. In the event of illness, leave, or other unforeseen circumstances, the school has the right to change the course instructor.

5. The course fee is based on the agreements (see course terms).

6. Refunds for uncompleted course hours are made within 90 days after the school acknowledges the reason for resignation. If the course was paid in installments, the remaining amount of the current installment is not refunded. The refund for the course does not cover TRC courses and courses preparing for the telc exam.

7. Any changes to this agreement require written form and the consent of both parties. 8. The agreement has been prepared in two identical copies, one for each party.